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Month: February 2019

Our “Retirement” Plan

So I figure a good way to kick off this blog is to talk about the situation we expect/hope to be in come age 37 (seven years away). I put retirement in quotation marks as there are possible outcomes where we end up not actually being retired in the binary sense people usually mean. More on those later.

The key pillar of our plan is geoarbitrage, i.e. spending our money somewhere it will go a lot further than the location in which we earned it. Essentially, we plan to move to the Philippines at the point at which we “retire”. This pillar rests on a foundation of property ownership.

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Net Worth – February 2019

It seems to make sense to kick off with an initial net worth figure! Bear in mind the currency is NZD.

I’m going to endeavour to make it so that monthly net worth updates are in addition to the fortnightly post schedule, otherwise it’s going to be a pretty boring blog with half the posts being net worth posts! In future posts I’ll probably include income and expenses as well, but to start with setting a base net worth amount seems sufficient.

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Hey! I’m Mr. R2A and I’m working on a plan. The plan is to save enough money to retire in my wife’s home country of the Philippines by the time we turn 37, which will be in 2025.

Currently we’re living in New Zealand, my home country. That means figures in this blog will be in NZD and references to financial products and taxes etc. will also be NZ-centric (no 401k advice here).

Myself and Mrs. R2A have 2x kids, both preschoolers, and they bring us a lot of joy! Although this blog’s called Retire2Asia, it’s worth noting that our plan is to save enough money that we could retire to the Philippines if we decide to go ahead with that. There’s a few ways this could play out. More on that in a later post.

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