Hey! I’m Mr. R2A and I’m working on a plan. The plan is to save enough money to retire in my wife’s home country of the Philippines by the time we turn 37, which will be in 2025.

Currently we’re living in New Zealand, my home country. That means figures in this blog will be in NZD and references to financial products and taxes etc. will also be NZ-centric (no 401k advice here).

Myself and Mrs. R2A have 2x kids, both preschoolers, and they bring us a lot of joy! Although this blog’s called Retire2Asia, it’s worth noting that our plan is to save enough money that we could retire to the Philippines if we decide to go ahead with that. There’s a few ways this could play out. More on that in a later post.

If you have or are a spouse or partner from a developing nation, I think you’ll relate to a lot of what I’ll be discussing in this blog. If that’s not what your situation is, but you’re one of many people who are looking to achieve some degree of financial independence, I’m sure you’ll still find a lot of what I’m planning to discuss is relevant to you as well.

A lot of people start blogging with a hiss and a roar and then fizzle out. So I’m hoping that by planning to get a new post up every fortnight, I’ve set a realistic plan that I can stick to. At that rate I reckon I’ve already had enough ideas to keep me going for a year or two and no doubt many more things will come up between now and then! We’ll see how things work out.

Writing is a great way to hash out ideas and connect with like-minded people. Here’s hoping for some great discussions!

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