The markets started making some decent moves in the right direction towards the end of March, which has had a positive impact on our net worth. As it’s still a couple of weeks before Mrs. R2A returns to work from maternity leave we haven’t really contributed to any of our investments in the past month (except for mortgage payments and my KiwiSaver) so most of the growth is just market growth. Hopefully from the June post onwards we’ll be able to start making some contributions again.

It’s occurred to me just now that there is some money we haven’t included in our net worth, such as a few hundred dollars’ worth of Philippines pesos that we didn’t bother converting back into NZD due to the fees and the fact we knew we’d use them again in future. Who wants to pay fees twice on the same money? Not me. Over time they’ll make up an ever-smaller proportion of our wealth anyway.

Remember: We include the house we live in as part of our net worth calculation because selling it is part of our retirement plan. It’s not something I’d recommend for the average person wanting to know their net worth.

KiwiSaver – Mr R2A$16,907.43
KiwiSaver – Mrs R2A$9,681.36
Our House (equity post-mortgage)$72,266.51
Index Funds$1810.87
P2P Lending$70.29
Bonus Bonds$20

This is an increase of $2,406.92 or 2.45% from last month. Still mostly from mortgage repayments but also helped along by buoyant markets as I said earlier (roughly about 40% of the increase).

Some notes for context:

  • We’ve crossed $100,000, woohoo!
  • Clearly we’re not winning anything on those Bonus Bonds, but we’ll continue to hold them just in case.
  • Unlike with my KiwiSaver, Mrs R2A’s is increasing purely on market returns as she hasn’t been making any contributions while on maternity leave. However, we will make sure we put in $1,043 before the end of June to get that unbeatable 50% return via the member tax credit.

It’s always nice to achieve a goal like $100,000 invested. Now we just need to do that about five more times and we’ll have enough to retire! It will be interesting to see what proportion of our portfolio our house makes up over time. Obviously this month it’s at about 72%. Our KiwiSavers may be able to give it a run for its money but overall I’d expect it to take up an increasing proportion of our portfolio as we’re not contributing to other investments at anywhere near the rate we’re paying off our mortgage and we only plan to continue increasing those payments!

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