Net Worth – June 2019

June is an important month in NZ as it marks the end of the KiwiSaver year. It’s important to have contributed $1043 to your KiwiSaver by the end of June so you can get the maximum Government Contribution for the year. We achieved this for Mrs. R2A by the end of May. So despite hardly working in the past 12 months due to maternity leave, she is sorted for KiwiSaver. Unfortunately we did still miss out on employer contributions for that time.

However, having her back at work is really helping to balance the budget, with our Sharesies back on an upward trajectory and finally some cash being socked away into our savings account! We were also able to lift our mortgage repayments just that little bit more to help to work towards our retirement plan.

KiwiSaver – Mr R2A$17,744.31
KiwiSaver – Mrs R2A$10,818.60
House Equity$75,431.06
P2P Lending$71.51
Bonus Bonds$20

This is an increase of $2,239.11 or 2.17% over last month. Mortgage repayments and KiwiSaver contributions are still leading they way, but expect to see Sharesies also taking a feature role over the next few months.

Overall we are moving solidly in the right direction but would love to see a step change at some point in the near future. We have a few ideas of what that could look like but will share more if we develop any concrete plans.

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