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Month: July 2019

Can you eat your lunch and have it?

The conventional wisdom in the financial independence community is that index funds are the slow but sure way to wealth and I agree with that. Consequently, the vast majority of our investments are in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Because we are in “growth” KiwiSaver funds, our provider invests the majority of our retirement money in ETFs. The majority of our Sharesies investments are also in ETFs. But, we have specialised on a couple of companies recently and I want to share why.

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Winning at disposable income

So over the past two weeks I’ve discussed how geoarbitrage can give you the disposable income of a richer person, as can general frugal common sense. None of this comes close to depriving yourself of anything really important to your happiness or wellbeing. I want to round things up this week by trying to bring it all together.

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Net Worth – July 2019

Another month, another update 🙂 June saw us invest $500 in Eat My Lunch via the PledgeMe platform. It was an unusually low barrier to entry. It’s not every day that for $500 you can invest in a business you’ve actually heard of before, believe in and see potential in. The low amount is key as we believe in the power of diversification. We can afford to lose $500 if it all goes belly up. Hopefully other companies seeking funding in future will allow similarly low investments.

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