Another month, another update šŸ™‚ June saw us invest $500 in Eat My Lunch via the PledgeMe platform. It was an unusually low barrier to entry. It’s not every day that for $500 you can invest in a business you’ve actually heard of before, believe in and see potential in. The low amount is key as we believe in the power of diversification. We can afford to lose $500 if it all goes belly up. Hopefully other companies seeking funding in future will allow similarly low investments.

I expect I will do a dedicated post soon on the topic of the Eat My Lunch investment to flesh out that concept a bit further. Other than that, the remainder of our assets kept ticking along. It’s only a matter of a month or two before we both get our $521 from the government towards our KiwiSaver accounts. Mrs R2A has already received a decent tax refund and at this stage I’m expecting I may get a very small refund when my turn comes around rather than the bill I had last year.

Helping with this is that I just discovered this week that you can claim expenses that relate to your income, such as income protection insurance! As this is a product we have, at least we can offset the cost of it slightly come tax season.

So, here’s how it’s looking this month:

KiwiSaver – Mr R2A$18,434.41
KiwiSaver – Mrs R2A$11,153.20
House Equity$77,070.97
Eat My Lunch$500
Bonus Bonds$20

That’s an increase of $3,212.19 or 3.05% over last month! Eat My Lunch definitely helped as that’s money that otherwise would have just sat around waiting to be spent on something. That’s the first month we’ve seen with an increase of over 3% and a pleasant surprise given that you’d expect the effect of flat mortgage repayments and KiwiSaver contributions to be watered down in percentage terms over time. Who knows if we’ll see a 3% month again!

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