Net Worth – August 2019

We saw some good net worth gains in July. I don’t know whether this is because our government KiwiSaver contributions arrived (I don’t think it was but haven’t bothered to look at the blow-by-blow report to see), but hopefully those are still to come this month.

We also fully rebuilt our Sharesies portfolio in July and then some. It’s not at its highest ever point (but still a long way to go). Not sure where things will go from this point. Mrs R2A finishes her job tomorrow, so depending on whether she picks up a new one or becomes a housewife, the rate at which our net worth increases could change a lot. If she doesn’t get a new job, we’ll have to decrease our mortgage repayments when our fixed interest rate ends in October.

Here’s our latest balances:

KiwiSaver – Mr R2A$19,499.70
KiwiSaver – Mrs R2A$12,067.94
House Equity$78,716.07
Eat My Lunch$500
Bonus Bonds$20

That’s an increase of $4,144.59 or 3.82% over last month. We’re pretty stoked with that! I was expecting our month-on-month increases in net worth to become less significant over time – because, maths – but so far that’s not happening. Still, it’s early days!

August should be another good month, as it will be a 3x mortgage payment month (we pay fortnightly). After that, who knows!

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