Our Experience With Debt

October 31, 2019 MrR2A 0

I thought this week I’d take some time to share a bit of our personal experience. Often I write about general concepts and ideas as they are things I relate […]

Maximising AA Smartfuel

October 24, 2019 MrR2A 2

There are a lot of fuel discount schemes here in New Zealand. I believe the AA Smartfuel scheme is a touch ahead of the rest, including the “no discount, low […]

How Much Stuff Do You Really Need?

October 19, 2019 MrR2A 2

We are definitely not minimalists. You’re never going to walk into our house and see only a single chair and a laptop. But recently, in accordance with our retirement plan, […]

Net Worth – October 2019

October 10, 2019 MrR2A 4

There’s one massive change to our net worth this month: Our house value. Traditionally I’ve always been conservative when valuing the home we live in. I’d rather increase its value […]