NZ’s Online PAYE Calculator

Of the many helpful finance tools on the internet, it can sometimes be hard to find ones that take NZ circumstances specifically into account. I recently found out that in January I’ll be starting a new job that should ultimately earn me about an extra $20k a year once I hit 100% of the pay grade. And that reminded me about a nifty tool that I’ve known about for a while but perhaps not everyone out there is aware of: The PAYE calculator.

Now it’s a free tool so I don’t get any kickbacks from promoting it. I just think it’s a genuinely handy thing to have if you’re changing jobs, or even just considering changing jobs, or getting a promotion or a pay rise. Or paying off your student loan or changing your KiwiSaver contribution, basically anything that will result in you wanting to answer the question: What will my take home pay be after this change?

It’s really easy to use. You just chuck your income in, the calculator does the rest. You can use your annual income or if you don’t know exactly what that is, you can put your hourly rate. Then once you’ve run the calculation you can change the parameters such as KiwiSaver contribution rate, whether you have a student loan, how many hours a week you work, whether you have a secondary income and many other things you can see for yourself when you try it out.

The calculator will give you a colour-coded breakdown of how much of your pay will be take-home, how much is tax, how much is ACC, KiwiSaver etc. And it will show all those figures on an annual, monthly, fortnightly, weekly and hourly basis. You’ll have data coming out your ears! Dollar amounts, percentages, whatever you want to know. It’s great if you want to estimate and forward-project possible future income so you can make potential budgets (yes, that’s how geeky I am. I already have a household budget planned out for when I start my new job based on what the PAYE calculator says I’ll be taking home).

I encourage you to play around with it, give it a go. Then next time you’re making a change that will affect your income, you know where to look!

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