Resetting Habits

It’s common for people to make new years resolutions on January 1st, in order to try to be a better/healthier/wealthier person. While, as previously indicated, we have some goals for 2020, I’ve run into some unexpected changes of habit early on in the year.

At the start of this week I began my new job. New job for me means new hours (I did weird hours at my last job) and therefore a new routine. Food has always been a weakness for me and it wasn’t uncommon to see me drop by the supermarket on my lunch/dinner break to see if they had a hot pie or some other tasty goodness, and then swing by Burger King on the way home. It wasn’t that I was necessarily hungry. I just did these things enough times that they became part of my routine. They were bad habits.

Now that I have a new job with normal hours, I can take the bus to work. Taking the bus was part of the new job I was really looking forward to, as I live out of town and drove through a 100kmh zone as part of my commute. The concentration required of driving meant that while I was able to enjoy listening to podcasts through the car stereo such as Choose FI, I couldn’t truly relax. And the number of idiots on the road made driving stressful. As I finished after bus services ended, public transport wasn’t an option.

Now it is an option, and as well as being much more relaxed during my commute, it’s now impossible for me to go to the drive thru on my way home! Plus as at turns out, a friend of ours who lives around the corner from us takes the same bus, so I get to have decent conversation as well. If we can find a couple more people with the same commute we could even start a car pool, saving even more money (the bus is already half the price of petrol + parking) while continuing to ensure I can’t stop by BK on my way home 🙂

Another perk of the new job (other than the fact it pays a lot more) is that it’s located a few blocks away from my old job. This means I’m not close enough to any supermarkets or fast food joints to be able to visit on my breaks. I’ve been bringing lunch from home, saving money and keeping healthier! Unfortunately next month we’ll be moving office to a building about 100m away from my old job so Pak n Save and Burger King will be within easy reach again 🙁 I’ll have to hope that I’ve had sufficient time to reform and adopt new habits so I can resist the temptation of falling into my old ways.

All up, it’s been an awesome opportunity to reset some bad habits and ultimately my waistline and our bank account will thank me. What’s your thing that you do that you wish you didn’t? I encourage you to change your routine to make it harder for you to do that thing. It’s easier if you’re forced to like I’ve been, but many people have the option to try things like switching from driving to public transport, or organising a lunch buddy to meet in the staff cafeteria every day so you’ll avoid the temptation to eat out. Give it a go!

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