Grocery Hacks

February 29, 2020 MrR2A 0

For a family of four, we have a very low average weekly grocery bill. I always knew we were on the low side, but it wasn’t until Mrs. R2A was […]


February 20, 2020 MrR2A 0

When I changed jobs last month I initially took the bus. Even though I live in a different town to my job, the bus between the two places is cheaper […]

No more P2P lending on Harmoney

February 15, 2020 MrR2A 0

I’ve written before about why I don’t think Harmoney is a great way to invest. So it was great news this week when I received an email from Harmoney stating […]

Net Worth February 2020

February 7, 2020 MrR2A 1

Now that I’m in my new job we were able to immediately increase our mortgage payments. We’re now paying more in principal than in interest again! And we’ll have it […]