Net Worth – March 2020

This past month has been a really positive one for our net worth. The really interesting month will be the coming one, as I expect changes in the stock market will really start to be reflected in our figures. The question is, will increases in our mortgage payments balance that out? That’s right, we’ve managed to increase our mortgage payments again! Down to 11.5 years left now and you can guarantee we’re still not done increasing so we may yet knock this thing off by 2026 😀

Another positive thing that happened this month is that we’ve really got as much money as we need to have set aside in our transport account for any emergencies that happen (there’s exactly $1000 sitting in there right now), so any further money saved for transport purposes will be stored in our Sharesies portfolio. Why are we saving so much money for transport? Should we need to buy a car in the future, we want to buy it with cash. Car debt isn’t good debt. In an ideal world we’ll be off to the Philippines before our current car conks out so the money can be repurposed, which is another reason for storing it in Sharesies. But, just in case, we’ve got it labelled for that express purpose should we need it.

Ok, so here’s this month’s numbers:

KiwiSaver – Mr R2A$22,866.63
KiwiSaver – Mrs R2A$13,944.83
House Equity$159,271.13
Eat My Lunch$500
Bonus Bonds$20

That’s an increase of $1,828.65 or 0.92% from last month. We’re riding so close to $200k! If the stock market doesn’t drop too much more, April should get us over the line. And of course, it’s very timely that we’re now redirecting transport savings to Sharesies, as shares are on sale right now! Gotta make hay while the sun shines, right?

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