Jack Reacher is financially independent

During lockdown I’ve been enjoying reading the Jack Reacher series of novels by Lee Child. Once you get the vision of Tom Cruise out of your head as the main character they’re quite gripping πŸ™‚ Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know I’m not an Amazon affiliate so I’m not going to be linking to anywhere you can buy these books. This is purely an interest story.

For those who aren’t familiar with the series, Jack Reacher is basically an ex-army guy turned drifter who wants to live a nomadic life. At one point he’s bequeathed a house by a close friend and has to make the call regarding whether or not to settle down and put down some roots. During these deliberations, he specifically identifies that if he sold the property, the money he would make would fund his expenses for the rest of his life! If that’s not financial independence, I don’t know what is. By the way, the book in question is The Visitor, in case you do want to read along.

And this is a novel first published in the year 2000, so over a decade before financial independence really started springing up as a thing on the internet. The book also does a great job covering the expenses incurred by homeowners. Obviously not really what the story is about, but as an incidental and likely unintended run down on one aspect of financial independence, it’s pretty cool.

And in a further financial independence note related to books, I’m reading the Jack Reacher novels courtesy of my local library. Although the facility is closed during lockdown, they’ve offered e-books for loan for some time now. So I’ve read about five Jack Reacher novels without spending a cent or having to leave my house. Strangely it works just like a normal library system, so even though it’s an e-book and they could technically issue unlimited copies of them, I have to wait 16 days until I can read the next one because someone else is currently borrowing it. But at that price, I can’t really complain!

Finally, apologies that I’m late with this post. I normally aim to publish on Thursdays, or at the latest, Fridays. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of backing up my computer again and the initial backup took days! On what is possibly the third financial independence-related point of this post, our computer is a 2009 Macbook Pro that we bought second hand for $350, so it’s not the fastest machine in the world for resource-intensive tasks like backing up a hard drive, but perfectly good for very light tasks such as blogging and spreadsheets πŸ™‚ Seriously though, I expect we’re gonna be forking out to replace it in the next year or so. The amount of time we’re getting out of the battery is shrinking by the week.

Anyway. Have you spotted any financial independence themes in books/movies you’ve consumed? Let me know!

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