Net Worth – May 2020

We’ve had a good month for investing. Our KiwiSavers have regained more ground and we socked quite a bit away into Sharesies. As the total portfolio there is now over $3000 we needed to switch to their annual fee plan to get the most cost-effective rate. Any fees are not ideal obviously, particularly once you take compound interest into account, but for us it’s a payment for a platform that’s easy to use, as without it we wouldn’t be investing at all.

So here’s where things are at now. Not quite back to our peak net worth yet, maybe next month!

KiwiSaver – Mr R2A$21,103.53
KiwiSaver – Mrs R2A$12,391.89
House Equity$161,277.63
Eat My Lunch$500
Bonus Bonds$20

That’s an increase of $4,549.14 or 2.34% from last month. We had a goal of getting our Sharesies portfolio up to $4500 this year, so we may well hit that mid-year and need to set a bigger goal, which would be wonderful!

All up, we are seeing the benefits of lockdown, with reduced costs for commuting and dining out. Over time those will go back to normal, but for now I’ve been told I’ll still be working from home for Alert Level 2, so yay for that I guess 🙂

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