Net Worth – June 2020

It’s been another good month for the net worth! No major increases in debt as we haven’t yet spent a cent of the loan I discussed last week. In fact, that account is in credit as I put some money in it for when the monthly fee is deducted 🙂

We put a lot more money into Sharesies and have continued to pay off our mortgage and contribute to KiwiSaver, plus market returns are heading back in the right direction (for now), so all is well.

KiwiSaver – Mr R2A$22,460.71
KiwiSaver – Mrs R2A$12,719.67
House Equity$162,084.06
Eat My Lunch$500.00
Bonus Bonds$20.00

This tips us over the $200k mark for the first time and is an increase of $3,397.56, or 1.71%, over last month. That’s one of the biggest monthly increases we’ve had, possibly the biggest increase outside of January when we conservatively increase the book value of our home every year.

We’ve been among those who are blessed to be able to save some money during lockdown while we were essentially unable to spend it even if we wanted to. We certainly don’t take it for granted, not everyone is enjoying that kind of position.

Our KiwiSaver accounts are not yet back at their peaks, but we’ve been contributing consistently which indicates we should have some good new peaks to look forward to, whether that’s in one month, one year or a couple of years from now.

All up we’re in a very good place, but it will be interesting to see how our net worth fluctuates as we draw down on that bank loan to pay for renovations. I won’t be revaluing our home every single time we complete a project, as I feel that would be very hard to estimate accurately and just isn’t necessary. This means our house equity will decrease (at least in our books) as we renovate and consequently we may see negative net worth results in some months.

Time will tell.

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