Generosity: Introduction

Generally the road to Financial Independence focuses on two things: Reducing expenses and increasing income. There’s not often a lot of discussion about money that people just plain give away. And by that I mean the money they give away on purpose, either directly or in the form of gifts, not money they give away by paying more than they need to for something 🙂

I apologise for being offline for a couple of weeks. There’s been a couple of contributing factors, one being that I’ve been getting to bed earlier which is good for my health but means I need to form a new habit as I was writing late at night. The other factor is that while I still have a long list of posts I want to write, I’ve checked off all the easy ones, so now I’m going to have to work a bit harder to write the remaining posts I want to do. And my default setting is to procrastinate and be lazy.

So to make the topic of generosity easier to tackle, I’m going to split it into sub-topics that I’ll address over the coming weeks. I’ll turn these into links as the posts come out:

Obviously, giving is a very personal thing and there are no rules. But by outlining our thoughts and approach and putting it out there for conversation, maybe we can uncover some handy tips. I’d be very keen to hear how others approach this subject as no doubt the Financial Independence community has the full gamut of people from those who never give away a cent in order to minimise expenses to those who work longer than they need to for the express purpose of having money to give away during their “retirement”.

Stay tuned!

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