Net Worth – September 2020

September is a month heading in the direction of change for our net worth, but October will be where it all shows up. There are two main things happening:

Firstly, Bonus Bonds are being wrapped up as a scheme. You may have seen this in the news. What are we doing with ours? Thought I’d save that for another post 😉 But as you can see below, we haven’t sold them just yet.

Secondly, we have staved off a reduction in house equity for another month as the credit card we used to pay the contractors for our renovations so far isn’t due to be paid until the 12th of this month. At which time we’ll have to dip into the revolving credit facility we took out to do these renovations and our equity will decrease.

KiwiSaver – Mr R2A$25,451.7912.1%
KiwiSaver – Mrs R2A$14,172.936.7%
House Equity$164,516.4578.1%
Eat My Lunch$500.000.2%
Bonus Bonds$20.000.0%

That’s an increase of 1.26% – or $2,618.82 over last month‘s figure. As you can see, even without drawing down on our revolving credit, our house equity has decreased as a percentage of our net worth while still increasing in absolute terms. This is a good thing, it means we are diversifying. KiwiSaver and Sharesies are gradually playing a larger role, as they should! This time next year, Bonus Bonds and Harmoney will both be gone as line items as they each get wrapped up, so our portfolio will become considerably simpler.

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