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Rental Properties – A Contrarian View

It’s important to preface this by saying I will be discussing rental property in New Zealand in this article. From what I’ve heard and seen on various US personal finance blogs and podcasts, the property market over there seems to vastly different so what I say here likely won’t apply. Please refer to my disclaimer as well, where I will further attempt to extricate myself from the idea I’m providing any real advice 🙂

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Net Worth – May 2019

Last month Mrs. R2A went back to work last month following 12 months of maternity leave. Her maternity leave impacted our finances during the past month in two big ways:

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KiwiSaver – What is it good for?

Well I don’t want to give away too many spoilers early on, but the answer is definitely a lot more than absolutely nothing! As per my disclaimer, I would recommend getting personalised financial advice before making any decisions, but the general consensus here in NZ is that you need to have a really, really good excuse to not be in KiwiSaver, and I’m yet to hear such an excuse.

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Investing with Sharesies

I should introduce this post by saying I don’t have any connection to Sharesies beyond using their product, but the links I’ve included in this post are referral links so I will benefit if you sign up for their service.

Sharesies is a New Zealand company who have created an online platform to invest mostly in ETFs and managed funds (at this stage). They are popular for their simplicity, but the fees can be a drawback, which I’ll go into more detail about soon.

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Net Worth – April 2019

The markets started making some decent moves in the right direction towards the end of March, which has had a positive impact on our net worth. As it’s still a couple of weeks before Mrs. R2A returns to work from maternity leave we haven’t really contributed to any of our investments in the past month (except for mortgage payments and my KiwiSaver) so most of the growth is just market growth. Hopefully from the June post onwards we’ll be able to start making some contributions again.

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Pros and Cons of P2P Lending

A few years ago we started putting money into peer-to-peer lending, specifically Harmoney. Currently we’re gradually phasing out of the investment and I want to tell you why, but first I’ll cover off what P2P lending is and what the up sides are.

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Why We Hold Bonus Bonds

If you’ve been reading my net worth posts, you’ve probably noticed we have $20 in something called Bonus Bonds. For the uninitiated, or those outside New Zealand, Bonus Bonds are not really bonds, at least not in the traditional sense. I’ll give a quick run down and then explain why we’ve decided to have $20 in Bonus Bonds but do not consider them an investment.

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Net Worth – March 2019

It seems like time is flying between net worth posts and it may yet prove to be the case that monthly is too incremental to be newsworthy. I may need to change the frequency with which I post on this topic in future. But for the time being, here’s where we’re at for March.

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Our “Retirement” Plan

So I figure a good way to kick off this blog is to talk about the situation we expect/hope to be in come age 37 (seven years away). I put retirement in quotation marks as there are possible outcomes where we end up not actually being retired in the binary sense people usually mean. More on those later.

The key pillar of our plan is geoarbitrage, i.e. spending our money somewhere it will go a lot further than the location in which we earned it. Essentially, we plan to move to the Philippines at the point at which we “retire”. This pillar rests on a foundation of property ownership.

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Net Worth – February 2019

It seems to make sense to kick off with an initial net worth figure! Bear in mind the currency is NZD.

I’m going to endeavour to make it so that monthly net worth updates are in addition to the fortnightly post schedule, otherwise it’s going to be a pretty boring blog with half the posts being net worth posts! In future posts I’ll probably include income and expenses as well, but to start with setting a base net worth amount seems sufficient.

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