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How geoarbitrage gives you the income of a richer person

There are lots of ways to measure wealth. Net worth is a very common one. Income is another. But it could be argued that disposable income is an accurate measure of how wealthy someone feels in their day-to-day life.

Disposable income is basically the money you have left each pay check after you’ve covered off all your essentials. How much of it you have can make a huge difference to how stressed or relaxed you feel about your financial situation. And where you live can have a huge impact on how much disposable income you have.

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How We Budget – Part II

I previously discussed how we budget. I was going to include as part of that a description of what kinds of expenses we include in different categories, but that part of the post ended up being so long it made more sense to put it into a separate post. So below is that information. I highly recommend reading Part I for context.

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How We Budget – Part I

First up, just a bit of a notice. I’ve been trying to write a fortnightly post plus a monthly net worth update. So far I’ve been succeeding! I’m going to attempt to up this to weekly seeing as I seem to be able to stay disciplined, but let’s call it a trial and see how it goes 🙂

There’s plenty of opinions out there regarding budgets and whether they should be called budgets and whether you need a budget. Some people probably don’t. They’re just good at not spending. I’m not one of those people. I thought I was, but then I started tracking how much I was spending and realised I was spending hundreds of dollars every month on all sorts of crap. So unless you know that you know that you know that you are one of the most frugal people on this earth, it probably wouldn’t hurt to review your spending and consider whether you might need a budget.

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Net Worth – June 2019

June is an important month in NZ as it marks the end of the KiwiSaver year. It’s important to have contributed $1043 to your KiwiSaver by the end of June so you can get the maximum Government Contribution for the year. We achieved this for Mrs. R2A by the end of May. So despite hardly working in the past 12 months due to maternity leave, she is sorted for KiwiSaver. Unfortunately we did still miss out on employer contributions for that time.

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Cars – A Contrarian View

The private vehicle is an odd beast. It provides incredible convenience. It also causes or contributes to many of the ills in the world. But rather than tackle the environmental or health aspects of driving today, I’m going to outline my reasons why I believe the traditional logic of the financial independence community regarding cars is flawed in one key way.

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Rental Properties – A Contrarian View

It’s important to preface this by saying I will be discussing rental property in New Zealand in this article. From what I’ve heard and seen on various US personal finance blogs and podcasts, the property market over there seems to vastly different so what I say here likely won’t apply. Please refer to my disclaimer as well, where I will further attempt to extricate myself from the idea I’m providing any real advice 🙂

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Net Worth – May 2019

Last month Mrs. R2A went back to work last month following 12 months of maternity leave. Her maternity leave impacted our finances during the past month in two big ways:

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KiwiSaver – What is it good for?

Well I don’t want to give away too many spoilers early on, but the answer is definitely a lot more than absolutely nothing! As per my disclaimer, I would recommend getting personalised financial advice before making any decisions, but the general consensus here in NZ is that you need to have a really, really good excuse to not be in KiwiSaver, and I’m yet to hear such an excuse.

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Investing with Sharesies

I should introduce this post by saying I don’t have any connection to Sharesies beyond using their product, but the links I’ve included in this post are referral links so I will benefit if you sign up for their service.

Sharesies is a New Zealand company who have created an online platform to invest mostly in ETFs and managed funds (at this stage). They are popular for their simplicity, but the fees can be a drawback, which I’ll go into more detail about soon.

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Net Worth – April 2019

The markets started making some decent moves in the right direction towards the end of March, which has had a positive impact on our net worth. As it’s still a couple of weeks before Mrs. R2A returns to work from maternity leave we haven’t really contributed to any of our investments in the past month (except for mortgage payments and my KiwiSaver) so most of the growth is just market growth. Hopefully from the June post onwards we’ll be able to start making some contributions again.

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