Health Insurance in New Zealand

January 24, 2020 MrR2A 0

New Zealand has a fairly comprehensive public health system. It’s not perfect. There can be long wait times at emergency departments. And we pay an arm and a leg to […]

NZ’s Online PAYE Calculator

December 20, 2019 MrR2A 4

Of the many helpful finance tools on the internet, it can sometimes be hard to find ones that take NZ circumstances specifically into account. I recently found out that in […]

Our Experience With Debt

October 31, 2019 MrR2A 0

I thought this week I’d take some time to share a bit of our personal experience. Often I write about general concepts and ideas as they are things I relate […]

How Much Should A Wedding Cost?

September 26, 2019 MrR2A 0

I should begin by saying this post is not going to be prescriptive like the title suggests. If after reading this you are satisfied that it’s the right thing for […]

How We Budget – Part II

June 12, 2019 MrR2A 0

I previously discussed how we budget. I was going to include as part of that a description of what kinds of expenses we include in different categories, but that part […]

How We Budget – Part I

June 6, 2019 MrR2A 0

First up, just a bit of a notice. I’ve been trying to write a fortnightly post plus a monthly net worth update. So far I’ve been succeeding! I’m going to […]