No more P2P lending on Harmoney

February 15, 2020 MrR2A 0

I’ve written before about why I don’t think Harmoney is a great way to invest. So it was great news this week when I received an email from Harmoney stating […]

Our investments take flight

July 18, 2019 MrR2A 0

As anyone who’s read any financial independence blog will know, investing in index funds is the most surefire way to achieve reliable gains over time. But it can be fun […]

Investing with Sharesies

April 10, 2019 MrR2A 0

I should introduce this post by saying I don’t have any connection to Sharesies beyond using their product, but the links I’ve included in this post are referral links so […]

Pros and Cons of P2P Lending

March 28, 2019 MrR2A 0

A few years ago we started putting money into peer-to-peer lending, specifically Harmoney. Currently we’re gradually phasing out of the investment and I want to tell you why, but first […]