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Net Worth – October 2019

There’s one massive change to our net worth this month: Our house value. Traditionally I’ve always been conservative when valuing the home we live in. I’d rather increase its value slowly overtime and undervalue it on our books so that when the housing market downturn inevitably happens I don’t have to write any value off.

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Net Worth – September 2019

August was an interesting month. Our KiwiSavers actually went down, despite some additional contributions. Meanwhile, our Sharesies account actually went up. Some of this was additional contributions, but there were also returns that boosted our investment. The reason this is interesting is that they are essentially invested in the same markets. Not identically, but still you would expect them to generally move in the same direction. Looks like I beat ASB’s fund managers this round 😉

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Net Worth – August 2019

We saw some good net worth gains in July. I don’t know whether this is because our government KiwiSaver contributions arrived (I don’t think it was but haven’t bothered to look at the blow-by-blow report to see), but hopefully those are still to come this month.

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Net Worth – July 2019

Another month, another update 🙂 June saw us invest $500 in Eat My Lunch via the PledgeMe platform. It was an unusually low barrier to entry. It’s not every day that for $500 you can invest in a business you’ve actually heard of before, believe in and see potential in. The low amount is key as we believe in the power of diversification. We can afford to lose $500 if it all goes belly up. Hopefully other companies seeking funding in future will allow similarly low investments.

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Net Worth – June 2019

June is an important month in NZ as it marks the end of the KiwiSaver year. It’s important to have contributed $1043 to your KiwiSaver by the end of June so you can get the maximum Government Contribution for the year. We achieved this for Mrs. R2A by the end of May. So despite hardly working in the past 12 months due to maternity leave, she is sorted for KiwiSaver. Unfortunately we did still miss out on employer contributions for that time.

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Net Worth – May 2019

Last month Mrs. R2A went back to work last month following 12 months of maternity leave. Her maternity leave impacted our finances during the past month in two big ways:

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Net Worth – April 2019

The markets started making some decent moves in the right direction towards the end of March, which has had a positive impact on our net worth. As it’s still a couple of weeks before Mrs. R2A returns to work from maternity leave we haven’t really contributed to any of our investments in the past month (except for mortgage payments and my KiwiSaver) so most of the growth is just market growth. Hopefully from the June post onwards we’ll be able to start making some contributions again.

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Net Worth – March 2019

It seems like time is flying between net worth posts and it may yet prove to be the case that monthly is too incremental to be newsworthy. I may need to change the frequency with which I post on this topic in future. But for the time being, here’s where we’re at for March.

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Net Worth – February 2019

It seems to make sense to kick off with an initial net worth figure! Bear in mind the currency is NZD.

I’m going to endeavour to make it so that monthly net worth updates are in addition to the fortnightly post schedule, otherwise it’s going to be a pretty boring blog with half the posts being net worth posts! In future posts I’ll probably include income and expenses as well, but to start with setting a base net worth amount seems sufficient.

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