I tend to believe that most people are nice people. Most people are literate and eloquent enough to be able to make their point in a compelling way, if they so choose.

Unfortunately that takes effort, and the relative anonymity of the internet means that some normally nice people take the lazy route and often write quite blunt comments. They say things they probably wouldn’t say in person.

So here on retire2asia.com, I’m implementing a Comment with Kindness policy. This isn’t about censorship. I don’t mind if you disagree with me: I’m a big boy, I can handle it. But whatever you have to say, whether to me or someone commenting on my blog, say it like you’re talking to a human being who is of equal worth to you.

As a general guide, follow what I call the “Grandma Rule”. Read your comment before you hit submit. If you wouldn’t talk like that to your grandma, your comment probably won’t make it through moderation.

For now, I’m moderating all comments. That may change in the future as it could potentially stifle the flow of conversation. But this is something important enough for me to take a stand on. Just because this is the internet, that doesn’t mean we can’t be nice to each other.

Happy commenting 🙂