Grocery Hacks

February 29, 2020 MrR2A 0

For a family of four, we have a very low average weekly grocery bill. I always knew we were on the low side, but it wasn’t until Mrs. R2A was […]

Resetting Habits

January 18, 2020 MrR2A 0

It’s common for people to make new years resolutions on January 1st, in order to try to be a better/healthier/wealthier person. While, as previously indicated, we have some goals for […]

Countdown Smartfuel Hack

September 5, 2019 MrR2A 0

Today I accidentally stumbled across a hack for getting the full amount of Smartfuel discounts available through Countdown every time. I’ll spell out the method soon, but first for the […]

Changing Checkout Lanes

August 15, 2019 MrR2A 0

I was at the supermarket a couple of weeks ago, waiting in line to have my groceries scanned and bagged, when I noticed a guy at the next checkout over […]